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~What Cut Flower is That?~

The Essential Care and Handling Guide
Cut Flower Professionals

Welcome to the world of cut flowers! 

What Cut Flower is That? Back Cover Authors
What Cut Flower is That? Front Cover

Flowers communicate sentiments including love, friendship, appreciation, kindness, sympathy and empathy for every aspect of our lives. From the simplest posy to enormously grand displays there is no other product that can compare.

The authors compiled this book to support your successful career in floristry; it’s unquestionably YOUR essential guide and the perfect learning and teaching resource. A remarkable compilation of trustworthy information easily accessed to save you hours of research, money, time, and resources.


It’s the ultimate purchasing tool for planning and ordering with confidence allowing your staff and customers to identify suitable flowers and foliages and give them the best of care.

* The A-Z product guide describes 119 flower and 36 foliage products seasonally available in detail. There’s vital information about best practice, care in handling, identification, recognising freshness, potential problems, flower quality, maturity, temperature, cooling, hydration, maximising vase life, hygiene, and flower conditioning.

In this second edition, the authors have reviewed every section, adding 13 new profiles, important information about the industry, along with updating the quick guide lists and many of the photographs.

Flowers Ginger, incl. Red ginger, Shell or Torch ginger, Beehive ginger
Foliage Woolly bush
NEW Profile
NEW Profile
Delwyn (Del) Thomas
Bettina Gollnow

The lead authors of the manual are Delwyn (Del) Thomas and Bettina Gollnow.


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